Social Media

social mediaWhat are people saying about your brand? Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey reports that 9 out 10 people trust recommendations from people they know. Comments, criticisms, complaints and questions, you need to be plugged into the conversations taking place online and be ready to respond.

But where do you begin? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, the list of social communities and channels seems endless. Worldwide, more and more people are using these channels as their preferred method of communicating. Social media is fast. It’s conversational. And it’s here to stay.

What makes sense for your business? Social media needs to be integrated with your businesss goals, not treated as an item on your marketing checklist. C Change Consulting will help you develop a sound social strategy that ties into your business objectives. We’ll work with you to set clear goals and objectives and ensure that your social strategy is not disconnected from the rest of your business strategy.

Already have social media accounts, but feel like your drowning or just not getting results? We’ll do an analysis of current activity and develop an operational plan to execute and sustain.

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