What’s Your End Game? Know Your Goal

If your like most business today, your rushing head first into the social media landscape. It reminds me of the mid-90’s when every business wanted a website because they just “had to have one.” And business by the millions rushed into creating poorly designed websites with every HTML bell and whistle they could muster. Your business not on Facebook? Gotta build one. Twitter? Check.
STOP! Wait! What do you want to accomplish?

Step back and think about how these new channels fit into your overall business strategy. Are you an established business, but experiencing some challenges with customer service? Lack of repeat business? Trying to increase your sales revenues this quarter? It’s important to clearly define what your goal is and once that’s clear, the results will be easier to measure.

Benefits of Hiring Interim Marketing Professionals

Need marketing help but just unable to hire a permanent employee? Consider interim help. CMO.com today published an article entitled “How to Bridge the Marketing – Staffing Gap”. Contact us to discuss how C Change Consulting can help you bridge your current marketing gaps and get your business moving.